Rh negative people

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Rh negative people

This is something that I have already brought up in the personalities and traits post. And of course you are also free to discuss this in the private section of our forum. In order to get this discussion started, I am going to first share a video with you that shows Faces of Basque People and wait for you to watch it before we continue: On a sidenote, I like the song.

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I have access to the pictures of thousands of rh negative people through my fanpage, so I have to tell you that I have detected a similarity amongst the looks of rh negative people not too far if distant at all from the looks of the Basque people featured in above video.

Hector Elizondo for example whose blood type I am not aware of but who is of Basque ancestry for example has that look. You can also look through Rh Negative Member of the Day and see some of us for yourselves.

Feel free to also post a picture of yourself in a comment on this post or on our Facebook page like some of you have already done here. This could easily come from an original tribe that was percent rh negative and this tribe might or might not have had steel blue eyes.

rh negative people

Just like blue eyes, red hair is also recessive and even though most of us do not have red hair, it looks like a huge percentage has a reddish shimmer also indicating the recessive trait fighting its way to be seen. Your hair might be brown, black or blond, but the reddish shimmer, the recessive trait seems to show up as well. Pictures of Julie Owen who is blood type A negative and from Wales. The shapes of the faces have once suspected me to believe that rh negative people somehow are connected to Neanderthals considering their skeletons showing a similar head shape.

Also said to be almond shaped. Picture of Marlese Novalinga who is blood type B negative and from Canada. Unlike the above traits, freckles are a dominant trait. What happens in this case is that you show the lighter recessive feature, but a few drops of darker genes are coming through, but only in tiny doses.

As an example: I was guessed 25 when I was When I was 39, I was also guessed There are of course some famous examples such as actor Clint Eastwood whose look and energy level defied the norm of aging. I am referring to an energy level we would associate usually with people of a much younger age.

This might be a job for Professor Jaroslav Flegr from the Charles University in Prague whose team has amongst other things shown a difference in look of people based on their IQ. And then there are a few things we are said to have a higher percentage of amongst us than the general population.

These are up for debate and not necessarily proven to be strong indicators of someone being rh negative, but here they are:. Thank you, Soraya Hallsworth, AB negative, for the picture!

Is this really something more common amongst rh negative people? I am not sure about it, but there have been claims made. One person who has this is actor Dan Ayckroyd who is also blood type A negative. Webbed toes is the common name for syndactyly affecting the feet. It is characterised by the fusion of two or more digits of the feet. This is normal in many birds, such as ducks; amphibians, such as frogs; and mammals, such as kangaroos.

In humans it is considered unusual, occurring in approximately one in 2, to 2, live births. One thing I have of course heard many times is that people from different backgrounds are more focused on the differences in look, but what we are focusing on is not what is different about us, but the similarities.

This is a picture of B negative Yoe Bing who has also shared with me a picture of her at 6 years old showing red hair. And this would not be the first time that someone rh negative mentions having had reddish hair at an early age, but the hair color overall darkening over time and the reddish shimmer becoming less visible.

These people are doing an excellent job in a country with only 0. Remember: Rh negative blood is a recessive trait. Another place where you can compare looks based on blood types is Date by Typethe blood type dating site where you can find a partner based on your and his or her blood type.Most humans have RH positive blood, meaning they carry a gene originating from the rhesus monkey.

Humans are believed to have evolved from a similar ancestor. RH negative blood and RH positive blood are extremely incompatible. This is most clearly shown in the relationship between a RH negative mother and a RH positive unborn child. This happens when the mother is RH negative and the father is RH positive.

Oddly enough, mothers with RH negative blood naturally create antibodies that will attack the red blood cells of any RH positive children. RH immune globulin is produced by some people like James Harrison who has saved the lives of about 2 million babies through blood donations alone!

Needless to say, said aliens were likely greeted with a bit more tenderness than this. Ancient history is littered with drawings and writings depicting alien ships visiting planet earth. This new theory raises some pretty interesting questions regarding these ancient alien visitation beliefs. Namely, if humans mated with aliens, that could mean extraterrestrials have a more or less similar body structure and composition that would allow only subtle differences — such as hair and eye color and blood type.

Some people believe RH-negative blood is simply the result of a genetic mutation caused by an external factor such as increased exposure to UV light.

Rh-Negative Blood: An Exotic Bloodline or Random Mutation?

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Health Health See all. Elderberry for Colds: Benefits and Dangers January 17, Featured Fun News Research Science 5. Privacy Preferences I Agree.There are four blood types and a protein, called the Rh factor, which provide these influences. If you do not have this protein, then you have Rh negative blood.

More people are Rh positive than Rh negative, so it is considered an uncommon blood type. You prefer facts over opinions. People who have Rh Negative blood tend to prefer facts over opinions when speaking with others or conducting research. They form opinions based on the facts that are available to them, willing to keep an open mind about their decisions if new information comes to life.

People who are Rh Negative tend to clash with those who treat opinions as fact because their goal is to seek out authentic truth, not a perceived reality. You feel separate from others. People who have Rh negative personality traits often feel like they live on their own island, even if they are surrounded by people.

When they are with others, they feel like they stand out. Many people with this blood type tend to pursue creative careers that seek out facts to further human knowledge.

Do Rh Negative People have a certain Look?

You struggle to form friendships. People who have Rh negative blood often find it difficult to form relationships. For that reason, people with this blood type often seek out others with the same personality traits to find friendships. Most say they have good friends. You are the smartest person you know.

rh negative people

People with Rh Negative blood are ridiculously intelligent. Compared to other personality profiles, Rh negative individuals tend to have the highest IQ levels, excel in school, and do well following entrepreneurial ventures. You experience unusual encounters. Perhaps the most unique thing about being in this group of people is the fact that others see people with Rh negative personality traits as being intensely trustworthy.

They sense their quest to always have truth, which means they are willing to come up to someone as a stranger to discuss events from their life. Someone with these Rh negative traits will encounter at least one person per day who wants to share a personal story or offer a personal observation. You experience unusual events.

People with Rh negative personality traits will often experience something that is self-described as being strange or unexplained. There are a wide range of options in this category. Some people have vivid dreams that feel like an alternative form of reality. Others might feel like they were abducted by aliens, the government, or someone they knew. Some people even believe they have mental traits that set themselves apart from the general population.

Although some may create self-fulfilling prophecies from these events, there is a unique ability here where future events can sometimes be accurately predicted. You experience the emotions of others.

AB and Rh Blood Types

People with Rh negative personality traits have a high emotional IQ, in addition to their overall higher intelligence. When they encounter other people, they can sense and experience their emotional state.Update: If you are rhesus negative and think you are able to recognize other rhesus negative people, please continue here: Can rh negative people recognize each other?

Part II. If you have been reading through for a while and know of rh negative and positive people in your life, you may believe that you are able to detect a difference. These health risks include mental health risks. And mental health and personality traits go hand in hand. But how can it be that your blood type could have such a strong influence on you, the way you think, the way you feel and your genetic predisposition overall?

Just as the majority of native American tribes had the same blood type O positivelooking back a few thousand years into Europe and Asia will lead us towards a likelihood of the original tribes which we have become a mix of have most likely been people who have had the same blood types. This is why going back to examine the ancestry of rh negatives is at the forefront of my personal interest. And because of this special interest, one might guess correctly that one of the reasons for common health risks and potential personality traits based on blood types, common ancestry could be a significant reason.

Here are some potential personality traits for the 4 rh negative ABO types as I have observed and received feedback on:. O negative are said to be natural born leaders very much in tune with themselves and their instinct and always ready and unable not to act according to it. Unlike A negative people, O negatives are not willing to postpone something important and take more risks in terms of following their inner voice, even though others may be very much in fear of consequences.

Because of that, O negative tempers can not only catapult them into leadership, but also lead to isolating, being destructive and alienating others. A negative people are said to be more emotional than the rest and often get overwhelmed.

Because of that, A negative people tend to postpone decisions and actions a lot.

10 Rh Negative Blood Type Facts

Because of that, A negative people can be extremely passive and distant when not inspired and very passionate and involved when something appeals to them. As A negative people often hold in their emotions, small things can trigger them to show up at unexpected times. A negative people often talk about crying during movies, overreacting and not being able to withhold a comment when it would be wiser to be silent.

B negative people are highly goal-oriented. Even though sensitive, B negs tend to be mind over matter and seem able to go through tough times knowing the end of the tunnel is near. To quote feedback from a B negative member of my page :. AB negatives have the sensitivity of the A negatives, but are also able to be mind over matter like the B.

Because of that, the O negative personality traits are not showing up leaving ABs oftentimes not as grounded within themselves and seeking answers through others rather than within themselves. Why are we so similar to each other? I am AB negative and I do not agree on one trait mentioned and that is not being grounded and needing answers from others.

I am 2nd generation 0 negative. Both my parents are 0 negative. Both my children are 0 negative. Blood type is a blood line. Hence ABel was the 1st AB. The O bloodline is of the serpent seed Omegas. These fallen omega Angels have corrupted most of the population on earth! But the Creator has made sure some of HIS progeny are left even though not many.The fact that a number of people lack this factor is a puzzling phenomenon that tends to defy the evolution story arising the question on where did they come from?

People with the Rh negative blood type are more prone to be affected by allergiesespecially food allergies. By being resistant to these diseases, it means that they are less susceptible to suffer from them as opposed to those with the Rhesus factor. This is a very important factor especially for pregnant women. Rh negative blood type lacks an antigen that perpetuate the release of antibodies in the event of an invasion by viruses and bacteria. This explains the weakness in Rhesus negative people against several types of diseases and illnesses.

Rhesus negative people have a greater oxygen capacity thus are more adaptable to higher altitudes like the mountains. Fascinatingly, they do not require the adjustment most would require when moving to higher altitudes. It is assumed that Rhesus negative blood type is specific to group O which is the purest type of blood and the rarest.

rh negative people

Rh- and autoimmune diseases. Type 1. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. You might need it in the future. By Mike Huen. Contributor: Mike Huen. I'm Mike, and together we'll learn how to support our emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Tags: blood examination. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Most people who have the Rh blood type are Rh-positive. There are also instances, however, where people are Rh-Negative.

Health problems may occur for the unborn child of a mother with Rh-Negative blood when the baby is Rh-Positive. This has led some to suggest that Rh-Negative blood must be of a non-human origin. Theories range from supernatural ones such as being of divine descent or membership in a divinely chosen people-group, to more scientific or pseudoscientific explanations such as interbreeding with extraterrestrials.

The majority of scientists who have studied the blood type have concluded that it is most likely just a random mutation. What is unusual about Rh-Negative blood is that the gene for it is surprisingly common despite being potentially harmful. Others suggest that lineages with the gene for Rh-Negative blood are merely special in some way and were not meant to be mixed with lineages which are predominantly Rh-Positive.

Blood type testing. One population which contains an unusually high frequency of the gene for the Rh-Negative blood type are the Basques from northeastern Spain.

The Basques have the highest incidence of the gene out of any population in the world. The Basques also speak a non-Indo-European language and have genetic markers that pre-date the rise of agriculture. This has led to speculation that Rh-Negative blood is related to Cro-Magnon ancestry going back to the upper Paleolithic period in Europe. Among the more exotic theories is the idea that the Rh-Negative gene represents a separate branch of humanity that intermarried with the branch that came out of Africa.

One blogger has gone as far as to say that those with Rh-Negative blood are descendants of the Hyperborean race, which they believe to be the original human race.

Followers of this idea believe that this race was blonde-haired and blue-eyed and included most major spiritual teachers in history, including Jesus. An artistic representation of Hyperborean women. Youtube Screenshot. Some people who are not satisfied with the idea that those with RH- blood are another form of humanity have suggested that the trait originates from extraterrestrials either interbreeding with humans or creating humans through genetic engineering.

This unusual trait can, however, also be explained in terms of relatively mundane human genetics and natural selection. One possibility is that the gene for Rh-Negative blood has some sort of selective advantage that outweighed the negative consequences of having Rh-Negative blood. A well-known example of this phenomenon would be the case of sickle cell anemia and malaria. The reason is that just carrying the gene for sickle cell anemia gives the person carrying it immunity to Malaria.

Although sickle-cell anemia is harmful, even deadly, carrying the gene gives a selective advantage and therefore it is much more common than would be expected. Sickle-cell disease is inherited in the autosomal recessive pattern. Scientists studying the effects of Rh-Negative blood have found that individuals carrying the gene for Rh-Negative blood are more resistant to certain parasites such as toxoplasma, which can threaten unborn children. It has also been found that there are more carriers of the gene in areas where toxoplasma is more common.

Dividing Toxoplasma gondii, an obligate intracellular human parasite. Ke Hu and John M. As a result, it could be that some populations contain a higher occurrence rate of the gene not because of a unique lineage but because they are adapted to a region with a high prevalence of certain parasites such as toxoplasma.This is a "cumulative list" of certain characteristics that a majority of people with Rh Negative Blood are said to share in common.

Some of these may sound silly, some familiar; but this is part of the information you will find online related to the subject or Rh-Negatives. I have simply made the information available for you to review in a central location on this site.

I would prefer that, in light of finding real answers, people do not just look at this list as an "International Check List" of Rh Negative Traits; but rather what could cause these similarities to occur. Maybe a lot of the traits on this list can be medically explained.

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For instance, it is not healthy to consistently have a very low body temperature, it is a shared trait of Rh Negatives; but it may also be Secondary Hypothermia. If that is the case, what is causing it to occur?

Click here to see more possible medical explanation for some of these shared traits! Do you have blue eyes? Click here to learn the significance! The Rh-Negative Registry. Rh- Pregnancy. The Rh-Negative Differences. Theory of Origin. Traits of Rh-'s. The Autoimmune Connection. Weird Science. What is Microchimerism?

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Research Introduction. Research Overview.

rh negative people

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